COVID-19 is upon us. I spent a solid two weeks thinking it was actually spelled “CORVID,” which is, in fact, the name of the family of birds that crows and ravens belong to. There’s a lesson in there.

Because I have spent the majority of my life studying words, I was sort of fascinated to learn that “quarantine” comes from an original Italian word referring to a 40-day period of isolation, but it mutated over the course of history (including being imported to English through a couple of great London plagues) to include any kind of isolation. There’s a whole thread.

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that I have some new photos for press use, so for those of you who want to see me looking about 40% more fabulous than I do in real life, check out my EPK, where I’ve posted a few good ones!

The reactions to some of this attire from friends and well-wishers have been…precious:

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Unfortunately, this leads me to The Bad News: I’m expecting to postpone my recording session in San Francisco, barring some kind of miracle cure. If the CORVIDS are placated in the not-too-far-off future, then Album II: Tomb Of The Album’s Curse may still be recorded this year, but Tiny Telephone Studios (to which my producer, Jamie, is attached, and where I do my recording) are notoriously fully booked whenever there’s not a plague on, and their San Francisco studios are actually closing this spring anyway (leaving only their Oakland branch open for business).

Additionally, it will be difficult to perform any live shows for some time, given that I don’t want people to get sick for my “art.”

The silver lining is that we live in a gloriously connected era, so I will try to stream some new non-album tracks soon. Look out for updates on this later in the week.

May the corvids look kindly on you and yours, and may they find your devotion to The Great Crow sufficiently pleasing.


So, it’s come to this: I’m what you’d almost certainly have to call “extremely online,” but until now, I’ve avoided writing about my creative endeavors anywhere public. Well: oil up your fluoroscopes, grab a pitcher of mead, and commune with your shattered gods, for the hour is nigh.

Nigh, I say.

Album II: Revenge Of The Album (it has a “real” title, assuming you subscribe to a notion of objective reality that requires things to have names other than the names you give them, but none of you get to know that title yet) has been plotted, painstakingly, and is ready to be recorded. The process of selecting 2-3 of my guitars to use for recording has begun. The flights to San Francisco have been booked. The shoes are shined. The horn parts are plotted, as well as horn parts can be plotted. The Airbnbs are…well, I’ll figure that out in a couple of weeks.

In the first two weeks of April, I will be tracking this sucker. It will be mastered by May. Y’all will get to hear it very shortly.

Writing this album was a significantly higher-effort proposition than the last one was. Little Bird more or less wrote itself, and there are two main reasons for this:

  1. I wrote that album to get me through my divorce, and in many ways the real challenge was to pare back the effusion of emotion into songs that amounted to something more than “fuck you, I’m sad”;
  2. A few tracks on Little Bird (“Getting Over You,” “The Fire,” & “Highway Robbery”) were written in like 2009 and shoved into a drawer after a lot of effort, and were therefore just waiting for an album to give them context and a proper recording session;

Totally bereft of old songs with even a modicum of quality, and well beyond the emotional morass that was The Divorce, I had to reach a bit more on this album. But in reaching, I think I grew quite a lot. This album will make Little Bird look like stupid amateur music. I am reasonably confident in this.

I think y’all are going to like this album a lot. I am considering a few possibilities for its release, including (but not limited to) releasing an initial EP with one of the LP’s tracks and a Mountain Goats cover, though I haven’t settled on exactly which Mountain Goats track I’d cover. I’m leaning toward something obscure or at least Lo-Fi/guitar-only, because I will be adding a full band including a horn to it.

Anywho: stay tuned, sports fans. I also intend to announce some Colorado show dates for the summer starting pretty soon.